Hemp Bath Bomb


Aromatic hemp bath bombs packed with 50 mg CBD, available in 4 distinct scents for a truly relaxing self-care experience.

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Feel the stress melt away by soaking in hot water with an aromatic hemp bath bomb packed with 50 mg CBD and a rejuvenating blend of natural ingredients. Each variety has its own unique appeal.

For example, oatmeal exfoliates the skin and is especially soothing for skin irritated by poison oak or ivy. Lavender has anti-fungal properties and is especially potent for relieving anxiety. Lemongrass is great for relieving pain and swelling, and orange is an antiseptic that improves circulation and promotes a healthy immune system.

Each hemp bath bomb also contains hemp-derived CBD oil for additional skin nourishment.

Scents: Lavender, Orange, Oatmeal, Lemongrass
Strength: 50 mg

All of our products are 100% organic and lab-tested for quality.
Made in USA 

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Lavender, Orange, Oatmeal, Lemongrass