About Us

Green Mountain Flower is dedicated to one thing:

Bringing wellness to the world.

Hi, I’m Gene Dietrich.  My wife, Elsie, and I are the founders of Green Mountain Flower Company, where we manufacture and distribute innovative hemp products of the absolute highest quality. We use proprietary nanotechnology to optimize hemp-derived compounds for rapid bodily absorption.

Our goal, affectionately named “The Dietrich Plan”, is to embrace a holistic lifestyle and to provide an approach to service that is tailored to best support your mental and physical health and wellness.

Forsaking the retirement life, we have completely invested ourselves into the rapidly growing hemp industry as advocates for the benefits of CBD.

Everything we do is about helping people live their best lives. We believe in the power of CBD and its healing effects, and we believe that our customers deserve only the best. That’s why all of our products are exclusively sourced from high-quality organic hemp that is free of pesticides and heavy metals, which are then put through a rigorous series of trials for quality assurance.

Since the launch of our edible and topical product lines, we’ve built a community of trusted allies, loyal customers, and genuine friends who all share our deep passion for the transformative power of hemp.

We love to hear your stories and learn about how hemp has impacted your lives, no matter what medium we use to communicate. Caring for your wellbeing is at the heart of our culture, and we believe the foundation of our community has been this level of personable service. It is the reason why so many people trust and embrace our family-owned partnership.

We’re seeing a new world of possibilities emerge as the hemp industry in America continues to change, and we look forward to being part of a happier and healthier tomorrow.

Proud to Support

We believe in supporting our community, so we are building a network of affiliate businesses who share our passion for holistic health and wellness.

Santé Laboratories Logo

Santé Labs

The 1st accredited hemp testing laboratory in the State of Texas. They have 35 years of experience in analytical chemistry, drug development, and pharmaceutical sciences. Santé is committed to serving the hemp and CBD industry by safeguarding all end-users through premium, high quality, and transparent testing.

The Night Owl Podcast

Award-winning podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Trek alongside host, Stephen Belyeu, as he travels to haunted places, uncovers true ghost stories and digs deep to uncover the mysteries surrounding them. Tune in on the last Monday of every month to hear a new episode.